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Spark the Conversation

Entertain and inform your guests with graphics and videos scheduled for specific times and on specific screens. Entice your customers with HD images of your newest model, feature monthly promotion details and capture the imagination with HD video of your cutting edge technology in action.

Grab Your Guests’ Attention

Use Openhwy’s RSS news apps to share the latest automotive news while showcasing your latest corporate blog on your displays.

Drive Social Media Interaction

Set your hashtags on your Openhwy dashboard and create a live social media hub in your dealership for customers and guests to interact with your brand. Use our Smart Filtering or manually approve each post to your displays. Download our mobile app to manage posts conveniently from your phone.

Conveniently Display Service Wait Times

Take customer service to the next level. Add an Openhwy system in your Service department to keep customers notified on service times and informed about other products and features.

OPENHWY Benefits for Dealerships

  • Improve the buying experience by showcasing interactive social media feeds.

  • Easily upload and schedule product images and videos to promote new models.

  • Drive positive customer reviews on Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp.

  • Communicate important information like servicing wait times and news.

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Openhwy has a price structure to easily accommodate single device & multi-device users with no limit to scale. We provide custom quotes with greater volume discounts for network customers with more than 4 devices.

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