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Reinforce a culture based on responsible successes. In the past, production and efficiency were the main goals at industrial facilities; however, corporations today place top priorities on safety, environment and employee workplace satisfaction. Our DisplayOS system easily and effectively facilitates communication, motivation and alignment of corporate goals to the entire team.

Build an Information Network

Utilize strategically located Openhwy powered displays throughout your complex to keep employees informed, boost staff morale and reinforce team commitment. Use Openhwy’s HD Graphics & Video app to share corporate achievements, safety/environment/personnel initiatives, employee milestones and notification of corporate events. Choose specific displays to feature safety messages via digital posters and/or videos. Provide equipment operability demonstrations and so much more.

Receive Customer Feedback

Share what your customers are socially posting about your company and products with specific hashtags for your organization. Encourage management to socially share solutions that employees have implemented or projects completed that resulted in corporate customer success. Communicating these testimonials is very powerful and motivating for your entire team!

Boost Morale and Energy

Instill motivation, energy and a commitment to teamwork with StartUp Vitamins images and quotes. Share words of wisdom from some of the great minds and influential people in our world today.

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Openhwy has a price structure to easily accommodate single device & multi-device users with no limit to scale. We provide custom quotes with greater volume discounts for network customers with more than 4 devices.

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