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DisplayOS software makes your patrons’ experience memorable. Feature drink & food specials, sports updates, news feeds, weather forecasts, upcoming events and create dynamic interaction like never before with Live Social Media.

Connect Your Patrons.

Capitalize on a great time encouraging your patrons to interact with each other and your brand through live social media. Customers will jump at the opportunity to post pictures and video depicting how much fun they are having plus inviting their friends to join. Download our mobile app to conveniently favourite, approve or delete posts from your phone.

Make Every Hour “Happy Hour”!

Boost sales by scheduling Graphics & Video content at specific times featuring drink & food specials. Entertain and build brand loyalty by incorporating contests and rewarding customer patronage with fun activities.Keep your customers informed with the latest sports updates with Openhwy’s RSS news feed and SPORTS CENTER apps.

  • Run graphics in a specific order
  • Schedule a specific play time
  • Show on one or many displays

Prepare Customers with Weather Updates

The weather can change rapidly in Canada. Inform your customers with current conditions so they are prepared when they call it a night. Openhwy’s weather app gives a current update with a 4-Day forecast. Simply choose your location and our app does the rest.

It’s easy: simply choose your city!

Advertise & Enhance Special Events.

Set up an OPENHWY display in your special event space and you’ll have a tool handy for taking any music show, guest appearance, or birthday celebration to the next level. From displaying social media walls, showcasing relevant industry news or directing seating arrangements, OPENHWY software makes it a snap to share on your digital displays.

Take Engagement to the Next Level with Multiple Devices.

Utilize multiple displays to feature different content throughout your establishment. Openhwy lets you easily select apps, customize and manage different content on multiple displays and achieve an amazing level of engagement while providing your customers with an unforgettable experience.

Openhwy Benefits for Pub & Nightclubs

  • Create an interactive customer experience using TV screens in your venues.

  • Encourage customers to post photos to your Instagram and Twitter hashtags.

  • Promote your offerings with digital menus and eye-catching images or videos.


Openhwy has a price structure to easily accommodate single device & multi-device users with no limit to scale. We provide custom quotes with greater volume discounts for network customers with more than 4 devices.

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