Bring Your Retail to Life


Keep your customers connected with the latest company and product news, innovations, promotions and so much more.

Showcase Your Products

Bring your displays to life with HD graphics including videos, product specials and showcasing customer loyalty program benefits.

Create a Social Media Frenzy

Build a buzz in your store with the wide variety of Social Media platforms available on the Openhwy system. Customers can share posts of their favourite purchases, rave about your team’s elite customer service and communicate product insights and recommendations to their followers and your designated brand hashtags.

Share the News!

Ensure your clientele is up-to-date with the newest trends in the industry. Share fashion blogs, new technologies, the latest products to hit your shelves and so much more. Utilize the Openhwy RSS app to connect your customers to tailored news feeds. 

Show off your showrooms.

Help your customers find what they are looking for. OPENHWY’s digital directory app gives you the freedom to communicate how to navigate your space. Add and remove rooms or alter room numbers on our online dashboard.

  • Upload background & header images.
  • Select your color scheme.
  • Use one or two columns.
  • Group entries by sections.

Connect your locations.

Openhwy’s platform is designed to power a network of displays around the world. Our DisplayOS software transcends traditional digital signage capabilities and allows you to easily manage thousands of digital displays from one dashboard. Manage content at a single store, or a National Chain with ease. Openhwy allows you to affordably scale your network like no other signage product. 

Openhwy Benefits for Retail

  • Create an in-store customer experience that’s driven by your products.

  • Encourage happy customers to market you on Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp.

  • Share compelling product images and videos that can be scheduled and updated.

  • Promote seasonal specials, new products, and events.


Openhwy has a price structure to easily accommodate single device & multi-device users with no limit to scale. We provide custom quotes with greater volume discounts for network customers with more than 4 devices.

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