Project Description

Show a selection of hand-curated health tips with vibrant graphics on your Openhwy displays.



  • Display graphics highlighting a variety of health, fitness, and general wellness tips.
  • Frequently updated graphics to display fresh content on your displays.
  • Create and manage a variety of feeds in each Display Group.

Health, Fitness, and Wellness Tips

Display a selection of different hand-curated health, fitness, and lifestyle tips. To save and enable content, simply name your configuration and preview sample graphics.

Eye-catching Photos

Each Health Tips item is accompanied by an image that is hand-curated to look great on digital displays and formatted to fit your screens.

Updated Daily

The App automatically curates new health tips each day to keep your display exciting with new content, saving you valuable time.

Free for a Limited Time

This Premium App is currently free to all Openhwy customers so try it out and enjoy!