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Sports fans will stop at nothing to cheer for their team and show their undying support. Openhwy DisplayOS takes that excitement and engagement to the next level.

Pump Up Fan Social Interaction

Encourage fans to include your designated Instagram and Twitter hashtags and watch your social media interactions explode on the jumbotron and displays strategically placed around the stadium concourse. Your social followings and interactions will grow exponentially with each game along with your brand loyalty as you acknowledge and reply to fan social posts.

Our smart filtering will ensure social posts do not contain negative sentiment or profanity. You can also choose to pre-approve posts before they can be displayed on your screens. Download our mobile app to conveniently manage social posts from your phone.

Keep Fans Engaged

Use Openhwy’s amazing HD Graphics & Video app to boost fan excitement by featuring player profiles and statistics, fan contests, events, team merchandise and announcing upcoming games. Display live polls giving fans another opportunity to share their personal opinions and preferences.

Boost Team Revenues.

As fan engagement, brand awareness and loyalty grow, your team will see significant sales growth including tickets, food & drink and team merchandise. However, the greatest revenue growth will come from a massive increase in corporate sponsorship. Rather than offering only traditional signage that is spatially limited, your Openhwy Digital Signage network will provide unlimited corporate advertising opportunities.

You can now offer advertising packages that accommodate large and small budgets. Local businesses and large corporations alike will all have an opportunity to advertise on your team’s professional HD digital network. This is all easily managed with our web-based dashboard where you can select one or more displays to feature specific company advertisements and customize an advertising package to accommodate any organizations’ needs and limits.

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Openhwy has a price structure to easily accommodate single device & multi-device users with no limit to scale. We provide custom quotes with greater volume discounts for network customers with more than 4 devices.

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